Traveller: Infinite Worlds-Warehouse 12

Arrival @ New Marfa

Day 4: Arrival

The convoy arrives @ New Marfa (population 8,500 more or less). Here, the party will have from 3 to 5 days on their own while ser Dyr does some buying/selling; you know, merchant stuff. The city itself mainly caters to merchant traffic and has few of the finer things one sees in say Hadaton. The roughest place is at the docks (well, duh!) and a small neighborhood near the east gate off the main road. Lodging can be found in various places in this city if the party doesn’t wish to stay on the now noisy and active barge. In fact, the crew would prefer that they all would do that. For the most part, prices are reasonable, the food is edible and the beds have few problems with vermin.

Across in Al-Wasif is a town of about 800 or so called Mustapha. Much trade come through here; however, these people are mainly involved in fishing. Crossing over to Al-Wasif is a lot like crossing between Canada & the USA before 9/11.

Though there are many more communities up river, New Marfa is the last major city the convoy will come across until they reach Tredroy.



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